Social Outreach

Our Social Work Committee covers a number of activities, including the Arpillera Program, work in the women’s prison in Chorrillos, medical assistance for individual cases, and a Student Support Program. We also assist as a liaison for the British Benevolent Society.

Arpillera Program Details

As many people in Peru have been impacted by the global Pandemic, we have started a Food Relief Fund to provide meals for those most in need. Please see the details below to see how you can contribute to this worthy cause.

Food Relief Fund Details

Teaching handcrafts in the Chorrillos women’s prison - Luisa de Fallaque, a member of The Good Shepherd has, for many years, taught handicrafts at the women’s prison, helping the inmates to earn a small income to pay for their toiletries and other items. We provide craft materials. The items are sold monthly at the Good Shepherd and at various fairs in Lima during the Christmas season.

Anna Sims & the Walking in Liberty team work with foreign English-speaking inmates and ex-offenders incarcerated in the Peruvian prison system, providing them with spiritual support, reading materials and personal supplies.

Prison Ministry Details

Student Support Program - The Good Shepherd has a support program for students whose studies have been interrupted for financial reasons, often caused by a sudden family illness or a parent´s loss of work. Currently we are funding 4 students: a male aged 22 studying accountancy, a female aged 27 studying education and working in the mornings, a female aged 18 studying psychology, and a schoolboy aged 14 whose parents have great difficulty in providing his school materials. He plays the guitar in his church services in Villa El Salvador.

Over more than 15 years our program has helped nurses, a mechanic, teachers, physiotherapists, lawyers and computer programmers graduate and find work. Sometimes only 6 months of support have been necessary.

We have several people currently on a waiting list: 1) a 22 year-old woman studying psychology, who had to change her university when it was refused a license by SUNEDU and now faces higher costs. 2) a 25 year-old woman studying psychology and working, who had to abandon her studies after 2 ½ years for economic reasons. She leads the youth ministry in her church. We would especially like to help her in memory of her pastor, Luis Villalobos, a much appreciated Anglican priest who led a parish in an impoverished area of Lima, who died of cancer last year.

Help for an individual student is usually between S/.300 and S/.400 per month.

We are looking for funding to be able to take these students on board. Please consider sponsoring a student or contributing to the general sponsorship fund. For additional information please contact Jean Samaniego at

Student Program Details