The Church Community

The Anglican Episcopal Cathedral of The Good Shepherd - Peru is the Cathedral and Mother Church of the Diocese of Peru, which in turn is part of the Anglican Church of South America, one of the provinces of the Anglican Communion. The Cathedral is located in the dynamic and vibrant district of Miraflores, and adjacent to the upper income district of San Isidro, in Lima, the capital city of Peru; a city with a population of approximately 10 million, and with many contrasts: full of history, culture, music, great food, and sightseeing, but with 20% of its population still living in poverty.

Miraflores is a friendly and mainly a middle and upper income district with a variety of attractions, and serves as both a commercial and cultural hub. Although the Cathedral is located within a residential area on Santa Cruz Avenue, the area is gradually turning into a commercial district with supermarkets, a movie theater, hotels, banks, gas stations, popular restaurants, different kinds of stores, offices, and schools, including two international schools (with English speaking curriculums) and two Roman Catholic parish schools.

In addition, the Cathedral is located just a few blocks away from a pre-Inca archaeological site and museum, the “Huaca Pucllana”, which is a major tourist attraction.

The Good Shepherd serves a broad community that is mainly made up of two groups: one is the international English-speaking community, which is scattered throughout the city and most of whom work in embassies, international corporations or schools (there are about seven international English-speaking schools around Lima). They stay for short periods of time (3 to 5 years), although a few others stay for longer periods or even on a permanent basis. The other group is the Anglo-Peruvian community, who are permanent residents in Lima.