About Us

Since its establishment in 1846, the church, which is now known as the Anglican Episcopal Cathedral of The Good Shepherd – Peru (The Good Shepherd) has been a pillar of the English-speaking community in Lima.

Although The Good Shepherd was initially established to serve the English-speaking expatriate and non-Roman Catholic community, today its broader mission includes a Spanish-speaking congregation and it also serves as the cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Peru, which includes churches in Lima, Arequipa, Cabanoconde, Juliaca, and Jauja.

The Good Shepherd currently has an active English-speaking congregation of approximately 60 parishioners, who attend Sunday services on a regular basis.

Our Mission

As our mission, we embrace the Archbishop of Canterbury's words from his lecture on “Revolutionary Love”.

“Firstly, the church exists to worship God in Jesus Christ.

Secondly, the church exists to make new disciples of Jesus Christ.

Everything else is decoration, some of it may be necessary, useful, wonderful decoration, but it is decoration...The best decision anyone can ever make at any point in life, in any circumstances, whoever they are, whatever they are, wherever they are, is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

There is no better decision for a human being in this life.”